Praying Your Tears (Video)

I know this is my second post today, but I can't help but share another video by Tim Keller. I have really been enjoying listening to his sermons lately as God has been working in my life over these past few weeks. Do you vent your feeling, stuff your feelings, or pray your feelings? What… Continue reading Praying Your Tears (Video)


Building a 6 Week Meal Plan (Step 1)

If you are looking to build your own 6 week meal plan, grab 6-8 pieces of loose-leaf paper, a pen, your thinking mind (if that's at all possible) and a strong cup of coffee. One of the first things I did when trying to build a meal plan was to write down all of the… Continue reading Building a 6 Week Meal Plan (Step 1)


Series On Suffering: Jesus’ suffering (Part 1)

It only seems fitting to begin this series on suffering by looking at the person who has endured the MOST suffering, our Saviour Jesus Christ. No one will carry a burden as heavy or painful as His. If you are able at the time you are reading this, you may want to grab your Bible… Continue reading Series On Suffering: Jesus’ suffering (Part 1)